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Fun, Funky & Feminine art


Bubbles of Joy by Anne McLeay Follow the Line by Anne McLeay Blackboard Jungle by Anne McLeay

Bubbles of Joy

920 x 920mm


Follow the Line

920 x 920mm

Blackboard Jungle

920 x 920mm

Pink Lillies by Anne McLeay Funky Town by Anne McLeay

Walking the Dog by Anne McLeay

Pink Lillies

920 x 920mm


Funky Town

920 x 920mm

Walking the Dog

920 x 920mm

All Heart by Anne McLeay Change of Season by Anne McLeay Ocean Blue - diptych by Anne McLeay

All Heart

600 x 600mm


Change of Season

760 x 610mm

Ocean Blue - diptych

1060 x 800mm

Celebration by Anne McLeay Talk to the Animals by Anne McLeay Jump for Joy by Anne McLeay


1000 x 720mm

Talk to the Animals

920 x 920mm


Jump for Joy

920 x 920mm

Burnt Earth by Anne McLeay Landscape 1 by Anne McLeay Music is my Life by Anne McLeay

Burnt Earth

1000 x 760mm


Landscape 1

920 x 920mm

Music is my Life

920 x 920mm

Spring Time by Anne McLeay Dancing with the Stars by Anne McLeay Quiet Reflection by Anne McLeay

Spring Time

920 x 920mm


Dancing with the Stars

600 x 600mm


Quiet Reflection

1200 x 900mm


Heron Blue by Anne McLeay Trubute by Anne McLeay What's it About by Anne McLeay

Heron Blue

920 x 920mm



750 x 900mm


What's it About

920 x 920mm

Butterfly and Chandalier by Anne McLeay Tide by Anne McLeay Frangipani Summer by Anne McLeay

The Butterfly and the Chandalier

920 x 920mm



900 x 600mm

Frangipani Summer

920 x 920mm



Anne McLeay

Anne McLeay's artwork is all about colour.

“I am always stimulated by the world around me, both natural and man-made. Creativity is never-ending. I like to also work intuitively with shape, line and texture.” Anne comments about her painting styles.

Sometimes this means going ‘with the flow' of the artwork and letting the painting dictate what needs to happen next, she admits, but Anne also enjoys working with planned ideas: “ I feel you can't always predict the outcome of a painting and that is what makes it exciting”.

Colour is a very important element informing Anne's art practice. She loves living in Queensland as an artist for this reason, appreciating the vivid colours in everyday life. Although she uses many colours and enjoys experimenting with both harmonious and contrasting schemes, Anne particularly enjoys working with cool colours showing peace and calm, with blues and aquas and then in contrast to this, working in warm vibrant hues with reds, oranges and yellows.

“I am inspired by the inner spiritual qualities of peace and joy and my aim is to uplift or calm the viewer in some way”, Anne says.

Anne's love of nature, the beachscape and the urban environment are all part of her artworks, and she particularly enjoys working with collage, texture and found objects – often picked up on her world-wide travels.

“As life is a moving energy, so too is the creativity behind my paintings, as there is always something new to experience and create”.


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