Kaye Fox – artist, Brisbane. Artyfox Art Gallery Brisbane . Bespoke Collage art for sale on the web. Collage art, shabby chic art, urban art, nostalgic memorabilia artworks, art rentals and sales, artworks for interior decor, artworks for home & corporate offices, farewell corporate gifts, weddings, baby gifts and birthday gifts. Affordable art on the internet. If you have interesting paraphernalia and mementos that mean a lot to you, bring them to me for a unique bespoke piece of original collage artwork. Original, funky, modern, abstract, contemporary, collage art - Moving Canvas Art Gallery, Stafford, Brisbane.

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Nostalgic Shabby Chic to Fun, Funky & Feminine art

Me Tasse de The by Kaye Fox

ten Twenty Seven by Kaye Fox Well Heeled by Kaye Fox

Ma Tasse de The

750 x 600mm

Ten Twenty Seven

760 x 600mm


Well Heeled

920 x 300 mm


Goldfish Syndrome by Kaye Fox

Tall Poppies by Kaye Fox
Aaagh Too by Kaye Fox

Goldfish Syndrome

600 x 600mm


Tall Poppies

920 x 300mm


Aaaah Too

900 x 600mm


This Way Up by Kaye Fox

My Cup of Tea by Kaye Fox

Trapeze by Kaye Fox

This Way Up

460 x 460 mm


My Cup of Tea

600 x 500mm


Queen Belle

1000 x 800mm


Chercher la Femme by Kaye Fox

Moulin Rouge by Kaye Fox

Dream by Kaye Fox

Love by Kaye Fox

Grow by Kaye Fox

Chercher la Femme

600 x 750mm


Moulin Rouge

460 x 910mm


Dream, Love & Grow

3 x 200 x 610mm - Triptych


Savoire Faire by Kaye Fox

Bouquet by Kaye Fox

Savoire Faire

915 x 915mm



460 x 460mm



460 x 460mm


Mmm.. Aah! by Kaye Fox

I Carry your Heart by Kaye Fox

Wishful Thinking by Kaye Fox

Mmm... Aah!

1000 x 800mm


I Carry your Heart

1000 x 800mm


Wishful Thinking

760 x 760mm


Just Suppose by Kaye Fox

Wings to Fly by Kaye Fox

Melody by Kaye Fox

Just Suppose

1000 x 800mm


Wings to Fly

765 x 610mm



460 x 460mm


Birds of a Feather by Kaye Fox

Aaagh! by Kaye Fox

Amore by Kaye Fox

Birds of a Feather

760 x 615mm



915 x 915mm



915 x 915mm


Rose Colourewd Glasses by Kaye Fox

The Mask by Kaye Fox

My Fair Lady by Kaye Fox

Rose Coloured Glasses

915 x 615mm


The Mask

1015 x 760mm


My Fair Lady

700 x 500mm


Cafe Society by Kaye Fox Cherie by Faye Fox

BrisVegas by Kaye Fox

Cafe Society

920 x 920 mm



920 x 920 mm



600 x 500mm


Big Fish in a Small Pond by Kaye Fox

La Femme by Kaye Fox

GR82CU by Kaye Fox

Big Fish in a Small Pond

600 x 500mm


La Femme

760 x 610mm



610 x 765mm


Cafe Latte by Kaye Fox

Something Fishy by Kaye Fox

Vintage Glamour by Kaye Fox


Cafe Latte

760 x 610mm

Something Fishy

465 x 610mm


Vintage Glamour

760 x 610mm


Eden by Kaye Fox
Eve by Kaye Fox

Cafe Society by Kaye Fox

Love Goes Round by Kaye Fox



2 x 460 x 460mm - diptych


Cafe Society

915 x 915mm


Love Goes Round

760mm diameter


The Girl who was Beautiful on the Inside by Kaye Fox

Rose Tattoo by Kaye Fox

Moo by Kaye Fox

The Girl who was Beautiful on the Inside

300 x 300mm


Rose Tattoo

760 x 610mm



260 x 260mm


Andy's Cupcakes by Kaye Fox

Top Chick by Kaye Fox

Barefootsies Doorstops by Kaye Fox

Andy's Cupcakes

600 x 500mm


Top Chick

820 x 820mm


Barefootsies doorstops

Life sized


A moment in Time by Kaye Fox

Mon Petit Cupcakes by Kaye Fox

Cat on Stool by Kaye Fox

A Moment in Time

355 x 510mm


Mon Petit Cupcakes

600 x 300mm


Cat on Stool
About Face by Kaye Fox

Twinkletoes by Kaye Fox

Circus Cat by Kaye Fox

About Face



355 x 460mm


Circus Cat
Chagall's Chase by Kaye Fox Blob Fish by Kaye Fox Tulips by Kaye Fox

Chagall's Chase


Blob Fish Tulips
Poisson by Kaye Fox Chain of Life by Kaye Fox Woman with Shell by Kaye Fox



Chain of Life Woman with Shell
Whirlygig by Kaye Fox Self Portrait by Kaye Fox  
Whirlygig Self Portrait  


Kaye's artwork is: funky original collages - from shabby chic through to fun and feminine pieces, using mixed media, memorabilia, antique postcards, anything really. “I really just want someone to walk away with a smile on their face… I enjoy creating happy art, art that makes people smile, for everyone who loves creativity in their home – I have so much fun creating it”.


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